Hello guys! as an introduction to the article what is SEO I will review according to my ability to write articles about SEO. But before that, please read slowly but carefully, guys! The important thing is that you understand the meaning of SEO and immediately practice so that your blog appears on the start page of search engines and has many visitors. That’s the benefit of learning SEO blogspot.

What is SEO

First I want to tell you about a blogger who started blogging activities starting in 2010. His name is uki, he wants to sell online by marketing his products by creating product catalogs and finding new customers in the surrounding area. Without understanding how to do SEO, he then created a blog with the blogger platform from Google and uploaded pictures of his products on the blog. Unfortunately, after several months of his blog which already contains several product catalogs, not many people see his blog. So what is the reason why the blog is empty of visitors? He then looked for information that his blog was just a blog with a product catalog and without SEO.

After going through several SEO On Page steps, it turns out that the blog has many changes in terms of visits. The blog that was previously empty of visitors and after using SEO techniques increased the number of blog visits. After a few days, there was an interaction from visitors, namely asking about the product, then there was an online selling transaction. Then, using other SEO tricks, the blog began to be known and had the opportunity to display ads. Income also comes by itself through sales activities and income from these advertisements until now.

I think you also like the story above, have articles or products, create blogs for product catalogs and want to learn more about SEO, especially the blogger platform. You want the content on your blog to be known to many people, this is the time for you to know about the basics of SEO and immediately do SEO for your blog and I guarantee that by reading this article your blog will be successful starting from this basic understanding of SEO. For other platforms it is not much different because it has the same way and basics of SEO.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, namely the efforts of website or blog owners through a series of systematic and continuous processes by maximizing the resources of the blog or website in it with the aim of getting more visits or blog traffic by following the development of search engines. With so many visits, it will certainly make it easier to convey information messages from blog or website owners to new audiences and wider (global) targets. For publishers of large blog traffic ads, of course, the greater the opportunity to earn income from the blog or website. Simple SEO

What is the purpose of doing SEO? With the proliferation of online businesses, the hope of using SEO is to appear at the forefront of search engine pages. With the appearance of a blog on the front page of a search engine, technically, there is a great chance of getting new visits from new potential customers. This can be done by improving the quality of the blog with sustainable SEO techniques and applied with case studies on SEO and the role of humans directly.
What are the benefits of SEO for blogs? By utilizing html resources and the support of SEO tools, it is hoped that it will be able to boost the position of the blog displayed by search engines. Another benefit is that it makes blogs more known to people and a wider global market segment. Basically the benefit of using SEO on a blog or website is audience segmentation by targeting keywords according to the target audience.
How SEO Works
How SEO works is based on the latest information about algorithms and how search engines work. I have posted an important point on how a blog is displayed by search engines in the article submit, crawl, index and serving search engines. Please see it to add your information about how Google works to display a blog or article by typing keywords.
How to do SEO
Of course you have an account and use a blog or website platform. For blogs, there are 2 well-known platforms, namely blogger and wordpress, while for websites you can use drupal, joomla and others. If you already have login access and have several important pages about your website or blog, then do SEO. Regarding the technical implementation of SEO, namely using techniques On Page SEO Optimization and Off Page SEO Optimization
SEO alone is not enough
The conclusion of this article is to use SEO in blogger is not enough to support or increase the number of visits. The direct participation of owners and viewers also determines the success of SEO. In the sense that the opportunities for blog development are addressed to the audience. Such as what viewers are looking for, what is popular, how best, as well as human psychology and the emotions of the readers. In this case I also still learn SEO Blog especially for blogspot. The more blogs the more competition there is to make it a challenge for me to continue learning SEO. And the more you study this guide, the more you understand what SEO is. Finally, happy blogging guys!

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