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When I opened my other blog that also reviewed about Google Adsense, it turned out that there were new impressions in the ad. This new display is a kind of narrow icon or arrow to the right next to google adsense ads. Here’s what the ad looks like.

google adsense ads 300x600

From that incident I opened it on the blog and get a notification from the google ad information center. From the gist of what I read is as follows:

1. Explain changes or updates to the use of adsense ads size 300×600
2. Change in the form of a narrow icon or arrow to the right
3. The goal is to balance content with ads (meaning google)
4. The maximum use of 300×600 ads is 1 (one) unit per page
5. If you have installed more than 1 (one) 300×600 ad type unit, then it is expected to remove it or replace it before January 10, 2013 by changing to another size.
6. But still consider 3 ad units on each page
7. We will be notified by Google if according to Google we need an update.

From the update of this 300×600 adsense ad type, we conclude that we should not display the same ad size on a page (300×600 ad size). This rule starts when the arrow icon appears. Finally, good luck Indonesian bloggers!

Update September 2018 : Now update for Adsense Ad Type 300×600 replaced with a responsive model! or Responsive Ads Unit

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