5 of the best free domains that still work today

Who doesn’t like freebies?

Almost everyone likes something free

Something that is free is not only physical, but can be something that is invisible.

One of them, as will be discussed in this article, is the best free domain.

This free domain can be used for those of you who want to create a web, blog, or custom blog domain without spending money.

Before discussing free domains / Free TLDs, I will discuss the differences between domains and subdomains first.


Many free sub domains are scattered in the internet world, but there are still many who think that the sub domain is the main domain.

Examples of cases that often arise:

Person A gets a free subdomain from one of the sample websites only .16mb.com. Then he told his friend. “I just got a free domain on this site”. Some even share it through articles or blog posts, like the following picture.

best free TLD domains

How? If you are one of them, it means that you have not been right.

For that, I will briefly explain the difference between a domain and a subdomain.

Difference between domain and subdomain

In short, the domain is the address of a web / site that is called by url.
Example Domains:

  • domain.com
  • domain.id
  • domain.web.id

While the subdomain is a branch domain or child of the parent domain. Usually, the subdomain is in front of the domain and is separated by a period ( . )

  • nama.blogspot.com
  • name.16mb.com
  • nama.eys.es

With the differences above, maybe there are those who still find it difficult to distinguish a domain from a subdomain, because some domains are also similar to a subdomain such as .web.id because it has 2 points on its domain.

For that I will explain how to easily test an address, to prove whether the address is a domain or a subdomain.
For example there is a domain.16mb.com, access only 16mb.com. if it works it means it’s a subdomain.

Advantages of domains over subdomains:

  • Looks more professional
    By using your own domain, you will look consistent in the blogging world and be more trusted. (free domain not necessarily)
  • If the custom domain address can be shorter
    Example: domain.blogspot.com, could be domain.com.
  • Suitable for adsense

    With the tld domain itself, registration with adsense becomes easier because you don’t have to wait for the blog to be 6 months old, and if it is accepted, you can immediately get a non-hosted account.

  • Have full control over your domain
    Free domain not necessarily
  • Relatively top ranking on search engines
    Not only for readers, Google will also consider us to be more professional or you could say that Google trusts sites with TLD domains more. Google considers that the owner of a TLD domain will take their site seriously, in contrast to a subdomain which takes time to get Google to trust their site more. But the domain alone does not necessarily affect, the most important thing is the content that has good quality.

  • We can create many sub domains with domain

    Example: I have a domain called www.rosyadblog.web.id, I can create a subdomain of that domain to create a new blog, by managing dns at the domain provider. I can create a subdomain wp.rosyadblog.web.id and use it for my new blog.

More or less like that a little about the difference between domains and subdomains.

5 free domains / free TLD domains that can still be used today.

So far what I have found, there are only 5 free domains that still exist today.
Are as follows:


Maybe this domain has often been encountered. Because of the many free domains, this .tk domain is the most widely used by Indonesian bloggers. This domain is from . and suitable for those of you who want to register a domain with the name: anak.tk, nama.tk, still.tk, etc.


Make no mistake, this domain name is also adapted to the region not specifically for adult sites. This domain originates from Bamako, Mali.


This one domain I have used to register US adsense. This domain originates from the Gabon area, Africa. This domain is also the 2nd most popular free domain after .tk. This domain is also quite reliable because it is under the responsibility of Digital Infrastructure and Frequency (ANINF) from Gabon (wikipedia).

Honestly, if I had to choose, I would prefer .ga to .tk. This domain is also suitable for those of you who want to use the address: www.ang.ga , www.yo.ga, www.rang.ga, etc.


cf is not crossfire but Centrafricaine. This domain originates from Bangui, Africa.


This domain originates from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa. This domain became available for free on January 1, 2015.

You can get all the free domains above at freenoom.com.

Why on freenoom?

In freenoom you can easily register and manage the above free domains (dns management, nameservers, etc.). In addition you can also register a paid domain there.

Are all the above domains completely free?

For certain domains no.

The purpose of certain domains is special domains, special domains usually only consist of a few letters (approximately 1-3 letters) such as: al.ga, it can also be a unique or beautiful domain name (easy to memorize) such as gaga.cf or gaga.ga.

Examples of special domains are in the image below:

new free domain 2021

Special domains can be even more expensive than other domains (paid domains like: .com, .net, etc.). You can compare in the image below.

Special domains:

TLD free forever

Paid domains:

latest free tld domain

The price difference is very far, even though at the same reseller, namely on the freenom site. You can check it yourself on freenom.

For how to register your domain, you can read the article on how to register a domain on freenoom (under construction/process).

Actually there are many other free domains, but many free domains that are not on Freenoom have closed or have been paid for, such as the free domain provider site co.cc which was once free, now it is paid

Keep in mind, anything that smells of free will have risks and drawbacks, for example if one day the blog is big and has a lot of backlinks and visitors, then the owner closes our domain suddenly, we can’t do anything anymore.

Even Mas Darmawan, the owner of the guide.com blog, who is quite senior in the internet marketing world, said that a free domain could hinder the development of a blog.

latest free TLD domain list forever

For that I will provide several types of blogs that are suitable for using a free domain.

  1. Blog safelink

    Safelink blogs usually only aim to pass External links, for that if the domain of the Safelink blog is closed it won’t be a big problem.

  2. Blog for adsense list

    As I mentioned above, TLD domains are easier to register for adsense. And with the TLD domain the adsense account automatically becomes non-hosted. Like when I signed up for US adsense I also used a free domain and the results were also accepted.

  3. Blog/website for study purposes

    Free domains are also suitable for friends who want to practice learning to create a website with a TLD domain. Or it can also be used to practice custom domain bloggers, etc.

If you want to blog seriously, don’t use a free domain. It is better to use a paid domain or a subdomain that has been provided by the platform, so that the blog can develop without any obstacles.

Even so, that does not mean a blog with a free domain can not be successful. Nothing is impossible. The important thing is that before using a free domain for serious purposes, you should consider the risks first and be ready if something unexpected happens.

Oh yes… if someone asks whether until now the free domain is still working and can still be used?

The answer is still

Last month, to be exact around March 2021, I tried to make a free website using the 5 domains above and it still works. Can you check my website, which was made using the free domain above


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