Credit card

Online credit card fraud is a common occurrence in Internet, and usually happens when someone gets our credit card information. With your information, someone can use a credit card number and exceed your spending limit. It’s very important to protect yourself when shopping online and to avoid credit card fraud.

Virtual Credit Card
Since online credit card fraud does not occur, credit card companies help reduce the risk of becoming a victim by offering virtual credit cards for online shopping. After being assigned a card number from the credit card issuer, pay for goods online by entering this temporary number instead of your actual credit card number. Virtual card number which is good for one time use only. check with your credit card company about their options for virtual card numbers.

Use Trusted Sites
Buying from retailers is known to put your credit card information at risk. Large, established companies have the necessary resources to support a reliable security system that ensures the protection of your personal information. Get to know the retailer’s website before buying items online. Check for safe site signs and look for the Verisign seal.

Beware of Public Computers
Entering personal information on computer public at school, work or the library can put your information at risk. It is much more difficult for you to ensure that this computer system has the necessary firewall (which blocks unauthorized access) and virus protection to prevent hackers from gaining access to the computer and stealing personal data.

Protect Credit Card Information
Most people are aware of the dangers associated with responding to unsolicited e-mails and supplying credit card account numbers. But you may not be aware of the dangers associated with keeping your credit card number stored on a computer or with a retailer. True, storing your information can lighten or simplify the online buying experience. But once the retailer has your information on file, all it takes is someone to break into the computer system to acquire the number credit card You.