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Hello bloggers! Welcome to the new blogspot! Google’s platform with a million features for blogging media. For those of you who are not familiar with blogspot, or just blogging and creating a blog. This article aims to make blogs have maximum performance, especially blogspot seo optimization. To maximize the performance and quality of SEO blogs, it is necessary to have settings on the blogger menus. Here we present some menu optimization tricks on blogspot settings.

Did you know that blogger has undergone a change (version) since 2003. You can connect several other google services such as Google Adsense, Search Console, Google Analytics, reading blog lists and several other services. All of these services can be accessed through this blogspot settings menu. I created this page to be the entrance to make blogs more SEO and professional. Here are the blogspot settings menus so that the blog gets better.

menu settings on blogspot


A. New Entry

B. All Posts

C. Draft

D. Publish


A. Overview

B. Posts

C. Traffic Source

D. Viewers


A. Published

B. Waiting for Moderation

C. Spam


A. Adsense Dashboard

B. Adsense Display Settings

C. Change Adsense Account

D. Adsense Help


A. New Entry Page

B. All Posts Page

C. Draft Page

D. Publish Page


Contains widgets installed on the blog and their layout.


A. Customize

B. Edit Template

C. Mobile View

D. Back to Default


A. Basic Settings
1. Title 2. Description 3. Privacy 4. Blog Address 5. HTTPS 6. Blog Reader

B. Post, Comment, Share
1. Post View 2. Entry Template 3. Lightbox Image Display 4. Comment Location 5. Who can comment 6. Comment Moderation 7. Word Verification 8. Comment Message

C. Email Settings
1. Entry Email Address for Blogspot 2. Comment Notification Email 3. Posting Email

D. Language and Format Settings
1. Language 2. Enable Transliteration 3. Time Zone Format 4. Date Header Format 5. Tamestamp Format 6. Comment Stamp Format

E. Search Preferences
1. Meta Tag Description 2. Page Error Custom Message 3. Custom Redirects 4. Google Search Console Blogger
5. Settings Robots.txt
6. Custom Title Robot Tag Settings Setting
7. Custom Ads.txt

F. Other Settings
1. Blog Content and Content Settings 2. Blog Video Settings 3. Blog Deletion Settings 4. Blog Feeds 5. Adult Blog Settings 6. Google Analytics on Blogspot

G. User Settings
1. User Profile 2. Use of Blogger Drafts 3. Language on Blogspot


Displays articles on blogs that are followed.

10. HELP

For more details about setting this blogspot menu visit the center blogger help from Google help.

Visit the link to see our article about the menus and settings for blogger settings

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