How to solve the modem that can’t be connected right-Modem is a tool commonly used for internet. but there is a problem that can not be connected / disurf. like my experience when using the first card it can connect smoothly, then when I change the card it turns out that when I click surf it can’t be connected. I was confused and then I looked for a way on the internet and couldn’t find it, there was only a problem with the driver, then I tried to tinker with it and finally found it, namely by setting up the dial up.
Here are the steps:

  1. Plug/plug in the modem
  2. Open the modem application (usually automatic)
  3. Right-click on the signal/monitor/whatever image in the lower right corner in the menu bar
  4. Then click “open network and sharing center”
  5. Then select “set up a connection or network”
  6. Select “connect to the internet”
  7. Select “dial-up”
  8. Charge the ISP with:
    Dial-up number: *99# (for GSM)
    Connection name : Free (only to mark the name only)
  9. Then click connect and wait for it to connect
  10. If it is connected, a message like the following image appears:

How to disconnect and how to connect again
Click (left) on the signal/computer/whatever image in the lower right corner then click on the settings that have been made above then click Disconnect if you want to disconnect it/ Connect if you want to connect again if a pop-up appears please click dial

With the above method you do not need to connect via the surf button on the modem application. That’s all I can say, hopefully the article Overcoming the Modem Can’t be Connected useful and if there is anything you want to ask please fill in the comments column.

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