Overcoming Duplicate Blog Titles

Duplicate titles or double titles can occur in the title of the blog article or in the blogspot comment area. This article is dedicated to discussing the trick to overcome double titles in the blogspot comment area. Blogger’s default template needs a little additional functionality so that double content doesn’t happen. You will find this problem if an article already has comments and is indexed perfectly by search engines. As another example of duplicate title when in Google Webmaster is a problem duplicate dynamic view tag.

The problem of duplicate titles if ignored is not very noticeable, but make these changes to meet the SEO quality of your blog. This SEO technique is a technique On-page SEO SEO and if it is not fixed immediately, new problems will arise in Google Webmaster Tools and affect the internal quality of the blog itself.

From my experience google will also add other information related to an article from the comments area as well. Articles that get various comments can add to the information power of the article. That is why blog owners should be selective in publishing visitor comments. Visitor comments that are not related to the article should be deleted. Continue on the discussion of learning about SEO To resolve duplicate comment titles, pay attention to the following address:

http://namablogkamu/2012/01/memperbaiki-kode-komentar-blogspot.html and
http://namablogkamu/2012/01/memperbaiki-kode-komentar-blogspot.html?showComment=1234567891011#[id komentator]dan[id posting]

The first address is the address of our blog article while the second address is the address of the article and there are already published comments. Both can be read by search engines in one page. However, the code in the blogspot comments still uses the same tag as the article title. That is why many search engines can indicate duplicate titles. To solve this problem, it can be done by replacing the permalink url code of blogger comments with a custom code. Here’s how: Look for the following code

<a expr:href="https://sejutatrik.blogspot.com/2018/12/data:comment.url" title="comment permalink"> <data:comment.timestamp/> </a>

Replace with the following code
<b:if cond='data:post.commentPagingRequired'><a expr:href="https://sejutatrik.blogspot.com/2018/12/data:comment.url" title="comment permalink"><data.comment.timestamp/></a><b:else/><a expr:href="data:blog.url +”#” + data:comment.anchorName’ rel=’nofollow" title="comment permalink"><data:comment.timestamp/></a></b:if>

I have proven this simple way of learning SEO from several years ago and the results are enough to fix blogger comment title tag errors. Friends, you can check this duplicate title problem on the website www.spotibo.com

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