Make Post Title Opens New Tab When Clicked said the SEO Master less positive impact, he said bad SEO. What do you think, my friend, if I post a title that opens a new tab when clicked it will make it easier for visitors not to go back and forth on the home page, or posting, so it’s more profitable right, so for friends who want to make a post title open a new tab when clicked or the cool language open new tab title post if I’m not mistaken he2

Log directly

Go to Design or design

Go to Edit HTML

Download the full template for backup

For you mozilla addicts use Ctrl + F look for this code

Code 1

Urgent :

For SEO Friendly templates, the code is different like this:

Code 2

So pay attention, if your post title link has a title or description, then look for no2, if not no.1. Confused? please open how to make a caption in the post title. There will be explained how.

If it is enough, add a blank target behind the post url data. Then the code becomes
Code Result 1


or if code no2 becomes like this

Code Result 2

So, how about it, bro, does the title of the post when you click it, it opens a new page or not?

That’s the way create Post Title Opens a New Tab. May be useful.

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