Cheap Electric Credit SEO Contest Info Semarang is the second SEO contest organized by SEO Julysell. Before I discuss this SEO contest info, let’s first get acquainted with Julycell. Who is the Jullycell? The following is a brief description of the organizers.

Jullysell is a company engaged in the online business, electric pulse, SEO services And many others. The company is located on Jl. Jatimulyo 5b, Tembalang, Semarang, Central Java. It was the company that held the contest “SEO Cheap Electric Credit Semarang”

Here are some websites that are used as references for this SEO contest:
1. Credit Server :
2. Online business :
3. Electric Credit :
4. Credit Business :
5. SEO Services :
The participants of the Semarang Cheap Electric Credit SEO contest are required to install several live links above.

Friends, you can look at the source of the Semarang cheap electric pulse SEO contest organizer on the website One of the motivations that motivated me to participate in this SEO contest, apart from adding experience in the world of SEO Blogger, was the hefty prize. Here’s the list:
a. Winner I : 2.5 million (Cash)
b. 2nd Winner : 1 million (Cash)
c. 3rd Winner : 500 rb (Also Cash)

There is no hope I, hope II and so on in this Semarang cheap electric pulse SEO contest, what I hope is 10 thousand credits for winners 4 to 30. Wuidih, even though I don’t get a winner, the important thing is to get 10 thousand credits, even though the category our champion in rank 30. Still get credit. 😀 Sorry it’s not dual eyes, but it’s congenital 🙁

Okay then, Interested in participating in this SEO contest? immediately register yourself in the SEO contest Cheap Electric Credit in Semarang this. More info and details. Visit this blog

After making an article from there, the tips from SEO Blogger are don’t mess with this contest, who knows when we have optimized the SEO, it turns out that our blog is NOT PROVEN by the organizers of the Semarang Cheap Electric Credit SEO contest. What a shame!

For a list of participants who took part in this SEO contest about electric pulses, see here Don’t worry, it’s always updated with the admin. 😀

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