how to research affiliate marketing websites

How to research Merchant websites to promote affiliate products– Are you a beginner or professional blogger whose name is Affiliate Marketing? business tantalizing.

And did you know that there is an online internet marketer from the US who can make 1 billion / month with the affiliate business he is involved in, yes, he is Patt Flyn with his website SPI ( he can make money from the affiliate business for almost 1 billion more per month. I also wonder what kind of tricks he uses, how can he make that much money.

After investigating by subscribing to articles through the Op int Form (email Newslatter) provided on his website, it turns out that I know the secret he can make large amounts of money, I take the following 5 conclusions:


The strategy used by a Patt Flyn is Email Marketing. It turns out that EMAIL MARKETING is more powerful for high conversions than those that are not.. why should Email Marketing ..??? the reason is

Communication will be more intimate and intimate between two directions if someone sends an email
Product offers via email have a high conversion rate compared to product offers via published posts, because if an email newsletter subscriber is sent an email by the sender, a sense of friendship is also established and trust will arise automatically.

And one more thing, someone wants to buy the products you offer through your affiliate link if they (visitors) already believe in you…. If you don’t believe it yet.. that’s hard bro…


Why can a Patt Flyn make money in a wooow amount …. yes after I checked n checked here and there finally he made big money because he chose a topic he loved .. the more he likes the topic, the more ideas to develop a website that will follow finally the Constitution (the end of the money)..hehe. If you don’t believe it, please make a website but you take a topic that you don’t like… in the end, you usually stop in the middle of the road…

FORWARDS HAVE TO RETURN, YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE A DKI Warkop…hahaha..(just kidding) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Whatever the subscriber’s question is always answered, this is where the seeds of trust arise in you, start targeting you as an inspirational candidate … And finally sales occur via the affiliate link that you offer because their questions are always answered quickly and graciously.


Many offer affiliate programs with high commission payments that can generate large amounts of money .. Yes I see Patt Flyn offers many affiliate programs and with high commissions too.

as an example of an affiliate program with high commissions is the Web hosting affiliate program. is one of them that offers high Affiliate commissions in the range of $ 67 per referral, Wpengine Hosting offers their publishers $ 100 dollars per referral.. This is why a Patt Flyn can earn billions of Rupiah


The quality of website content is usually what determines whether visitors will come back or not, RESOLVE PROBLEM content topics (problem solving) usually have a good conversion rate compared to direct offers, because with RESOLVE PROBLEM topics like … HOW TO…

visitors feel that the problems they are facing have been resolved and usually as a reward they want to buy products through the offered affiliate links, although that is not always the case because the character of visitors is different.

Okay, the above is just an inspiration for those of you who want to jump into the world of affiliate marketing…And here’s how to research website merchants to promote affiliate products so that high conversions occur.

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Before you make a choice to promote products from merchants, be it clickbank, linkshare, and others, it’s a good idea to look at the merchant’s website that you want to promote. Does their website look good, easy to navigate, not many ads. If their website is good and easy to navigate, 1 point for this merchant’s website passes based on your assessment.


website security

Okay,, you have now checked the appearance of the merchant’s website that you want to promote looks good and easy to navigate.

Appearances can be deceiving. Look at the Security Features on the merchant’s site, Is their website safe for consumers???. One of the most familiar and easy ways to check that the merchant’s site is safe is to look at the address bar in the browser.

Look in your browser’s address bar if the site uses https with a padlock key, this means this merchant’s website is safe and you have 1 more point that this website is very good to promote.

With good security features for merchant websites, this is also very good for affiliate publishers, because with good security the conversion rate is usually quite high, which means the level of sales through affiliate publishers also increases.

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payment method

Many merchant websites offer and give high commissions to their publishers, but in reality their service to consumers is so low. This sometimes happens if the website only provides a minimal choice of payment methods for BUYER.

For a Publisher Affiliate, this is detrimental when promoting their products, because not all buyers have the type of payment method provided by the merchant’s website. System Multiple payment methods is a good merchant website to promote

For example, let’s say you want to buy a cell phone at a related online store. However, the online shop only has payment methods via credit cards and paypal.

For Indonesian buyers, this is difficult because in Indonesia, payments via credit cards are less common, mostly via bank transfer, while credit cards are only for certain groups. For a publisher this is clearly a big loss because the conversion rate will also be low


Testimonials are a very vital part of an online business, a good affiliate merchant website usually provides a testimonial feature on their website.

Then what are the benefits for publishers who promote their products ..??. The answer is that the conversion rate and sales for those of you who refer them also increase. Because by displaying testimonials from consumers who are happy with the products they buy, new consumers will also assess and make decisions to buy products on the related merchant’s website.

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A good support and service, not only will increase sales for merchants, but for a publisher it is also very profitable and the affiliate commission rate for publishers will also increase.

As an affiliate publisher, it is important to research related merchant websites.. Does their website provide good support and service or vice versa.. If the support and service is bad, it is recommended not to promote their products, because it will be useless for you as an affiliate publisher..your commission zero probability.

Website source: For affiliates to check the merchant’s website is good, reliable, and has good service is to visit:


e-mail marketing

Before you promote products from the merchant’s website, first look at their website, do they provide the Email Newslatter feature or not..???. This is important for a publisher, why is that????,

Because Email marketing is a marketing strategy for a powerful online business website to attract new consumers and increase sales conversions.

So.. What are the benefits for publishers…???..The answer: The level of sales via your affiliate link will also increase because the relevant merchant provides an email marketing strategy to attract new consumers because not all visitors who come will deal with sales transactions..

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