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How to choose the best web hosting for your website/blog– You-This time I am sharing with all my brothers and sisters about how to choose the best web hosting for your website/blog whether for affiliate business, online shop, adsense, or personal blog.

Web hosting it is very vital for blogs/websites of any type, choose the wrong choice in the specs and features offered by web hosting companies both from outside or within the country it will affect the development and progress of your online business website, although later we can upgrade to specs higher hosting or migrating to another hosting provider.

So, before you don’t get caught up in the wrong choice of what type of web hosting is needed for your blog, it’s a good idea to all ask yourself…???

Usually, bandwidth will decrease if your website visitors are high, or if you use a lot of data files such as video uploads that can slow down website loading, or search engine robots that crawl for indexing purposes, these things eat up bandwidth for your hosting server.

Well, for those of you who plan to create a Website with the aim of Monetize via Affiliate Marketing, it is highly recommended to look for web hosting that offers the type of bandwidth UNLIMITED (Unlimited), because if the bandwidth is limited, what is feared is that if our website visitors increase drastically, the bandwidth will also be depleted. which can cause the server to go down which makes all of your websites inaccessible.

DEWAWEB.COM Web Hosting offers Unlimited bandwidth features for all types of hosting servers >>


Cpu and RAM Memory are closely related to the performance and speed of the hosting server itself. In choosing the best web hosting for Affiliate Marketing website purposes, CPU Resource and RAM Memory of a hosting server must be taken into account.

CPU Resources usually hosting companies offer from single-core, dual-core to Quad-core, and so on.

So, then what is the effect on the website???. Yes, of course there is an effect, the higher the core core on the server CPU, the more stable and faster the website responds when accessed by internet users.

The security of a hosting server and the website itself is very important…

It will be useless, bro, all of you have a good website, great content, and appear in GOOGLE search results, but all of your website security features are very minimal and sometimes forget to pay attention to WEBSITE security, most bloggers design their own websites, create content, and optimize Brutall website but you forget that a HACKER is indiscriminate, if your website has been hacked, everything you make for your website will be in vain and you have to start from ZERO again

From these factors, to restore your website and certainly spend a lot of thought, effort and cost. For an affiliate business website, it is very important to secure your great blog from hacker attacks.

Well, at DEWAWEB Hosting the SECURITY features are prioritized such as the Let’s Encrypt, PattMan, SSH Access, Hotlink Protection, Bit NINJA features and others.


Actually, it doesn’t really matter whether you all want the type of hosting that offers APACHE or Litespeed Webserver, but the difference is in terms of speed and performance. LiteSpeed ​​Webserver More stable and faster than Apache webserver, it is said that some web hosting companies can guarantee that the speed is 4x faster than Apache.

Google announced that they rank a website based on 200 factors and 10 main factors as their algorithm in ranking the top 10 positions of their pages, now among the 10 main factors, one of the google algorithms is WEBSITE LOADING SPEED, the faster the LOADING of a website when it is accessed, the greater the opportunity to occupy the highest ranking on GOOGLE.

Website/Blog for Affiliate Marketing Business purposes, speed is very important and most importantly… Why is that…???. Yes, just do the math, your goal for creating an affiliate website is to make money, while visitors when accessing your website all take a long time to load… yes, of course, visitors also close the website and move to another place with fast web loading.

LiteSpeed ​​Webserver Type Faster and optimal when compared to APCHE. At DEWAWEB LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise features are available for all types of hosting plans.


HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive

SSD is superior in performance, as well as speed when compared to HDD, some claim that SSD speed is 10x faster than HDD. If you want speed, choose the type of SDD, in terms of SSD readings, it is more accurate and stable. For SSDs, all Dewaweb packages are available

Hosting provider support and services are very important, especially for those of you who are new to create a website blog, because there are unexpected technical factors that must be handled by the technical support team quickly. Fast support and service is the benchmark whether the hosting company is good or not for you to subscribe to a local company.

Test by you by directly chatting with the support team,, is the response fast or slow.??


e-commerce web hosting

For Online Store Websites (e-commerce) in choosing best web hosting very important, because once your online Store website server DOWN even though only a few minutes your losses may be hundreds to millions of rupiah.
This is where the importance of stable web hosting, good performance, and good security features and ready and responsive hosting provider support.

Choosing a Web Hosting Feature for an Online Store website, there are 7 most important main features:

  1. DISC SPACE CAPACITY : choose the unlimited type in case you upload a lot of pictures and videos for content
  2. BANDWICT : for bandwidth it is recommended to choose Unlimited
  3. SSD OR HDD : SSD (SOLID STATE DRIVE) Faster and stable than HDD
  4. Choose LiteSpeed ​​Webserver (recommended)
  5. Minimum CPU Cores dual-core recommended except simple online shop
  6. RAM Memory 1GB is recommended to be more stable in terms of performance
  7. SECURITY : Choose a Web Hosting that has Double security, ask the hosting provider regarding the security of CPANEL Hosting


The Best Web Hosting Features For Personal Blogs are actually not too much of a problem, it’s up to you whether you want any disk space with a limited bandwidth, because personal blogs are on average just pouring hobbies and not for online business purposes, but if blogs are the person is already popular and has high traffic just thinking about making money through blogs.

A blogger who likes to write articles doesn’t have any burden, they usually write articles not specifically for search engines, but instead these personal blogs are the forerunners of great blogs because the assessment of great content or not is not by search engines robots but by human readers… BELIEVE IT OR NOT..And usually they use a free blog like which can be changed using our own domain.


ppc web hosting

Choosing the Best Web Hosting to monetize blogs through Pay per Click businesses such as Google AdSense What needs to be considered is

DISC SPACE : Unlimited Better, or limited disk space doesn’t matter as long as you know about the target number of articles you make, how many image files are uploaded and other scripts are installed. Minimum disk space capacity of 1 GB is sufficient for this type of business.

Bandwich : Look for a hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, or limited bandwidth, it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that you can measure it

Security And Performance : CloudFlare Highly recommended for websites if your Hosting Server is often down (DOWN)

Only those 3 things for the type of selection of web hosting specs for the PPC business type, while for the CPU, RAM, and other supporting features you can be tricked by listings on Dewaweb’s cloudFlare for Website Performance. Cloudflare is a third party cloud hosting service that can be used for free. Cpanel Hosting GOD Has the CloudFlare + Raligun feature which functions for better security and good and fast website speed….

Thank you for visiting, hope it’s useful

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