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How to choose the best web Hosting for Personal Blog actually it’s not too complicated because that’s the goal create a blog itself is usually not for business but generally those who like to write articles and they almost on average use free blogs like which are also called these people are Part Time Bloggers (PART TIME BLOGGER) not a Full Time Blogger, types- These types of people are usually those who already have a fixed income (Monthly Salary) outside of online income, so they don’t have a heavy burden to develop their personal blog.

If all of you are a Part Time Blogger and planning to create a WordPress blog Blog using a paid domain + hosting, here are some tips how to choose the best web hosting for blog .


Whether the disk space is large or small, if the purpose of making a website/blogging is only for personal use is not too taken into account, many even suggest using a free blog that saves more money when compared to renting annual hosting. But for the matter of Disk Space, it depends on who created the website itself and the budget in your own wallet.

For this, if you all have more financial balance, choosing a hosting package with classy features is also not a problem.

However, if your budget is mediocre, it is highly recommended to use a Free Blog platform such as BLOGGER.COM and you only buy the domain without renting hosting which will later be used for the domain. Change accordingly for the domain: which can be changed to a domain


If you want unlimited or limited bandwidth, it doesn’t really count if you all create a personal blog, after all, the goal is just a hobby and those who read may also be your closest colleagues, not from the results of the Google search engine. If you all have more funds, please choose a good type of hosting package, and if you have a mediocre budget, please package according to your needs


Support from the related hosting company, must be considered even for Personal Blogs, because it is usually for beginners in bloggers create a WordPress website website there are many obstacles that may require technical support from a good, fast and friendly web hosting provider. If you choose the wrong web hosting provider, chances are that you will be disappointed, angry and upset

Suggestions : ask consumers who have subscribed to the hosting company whether they feel happy, or vice versa. it’s the best way before you make a decision

Suggestions : Ask in the forums which web hosting is the best according to them, usually they share in forums about their own experiences

Suggestions : Don’t believe in reviews on the internet, it’s better to investigate the truth before taking action, share about best web hosting, usually they insert affiliate links for profit purposes only and do not care that the company they promote has bad credibility.

Admin Preferred Hosting : I use Dewa web hosting It’s been almost 3 months and what I feel while subscribing to this company: Fast response from the support team, good security features, SSL feature for https is provided for free in cpanel under the name Let’s Encrypt.

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