Google SERP in Indonesian means Google Search Engine Result Page. A Google search results display after we enter certain keywords. Look at this!

Google Serp Menu

Woo there is something new from Google SERP 2012 this time. There is a new menu above Google Sitelinks. In the source of the English site the above display is called Google SERP Menu | Google SERP New Look.

SEO blogger friends, this time a million tricks bloggers want to share about the Google Menu in the New Google Serp 2012. This menu was launched on July 11, 2012. Right on admin’s birthday :D. I was surprised by my favorite blog post. My favorite blog describes a striking change in google search results. See image above

In the picture, are the results of Google Menu in Serp or Google search results. By writing certain keywords, changes occur at the top of the sitelink. Sitelinks are links that are indented below the main title of your blog or website. Look here for The secret to getting sitelinks.

Above the sitelinks there are main menus that show several categories that users can choose from before entering the website. For example the image about us below:

Google Serp menu

From the picture above, it is clear that the About Us menu column is very important to appear on the Google SERP page. So the advice of a million tricks is for our blogs that have not installed the About Us et al link, immediately fill in and include it on the blog. After all, we don’t know when this Google Serp Menu will appear on :D. Hurry up before it’s too late. This is meant for our Blogger SEO too, right?

The function of this Google Serp Menu is to further pamper visitors by being treated to referral links without having to enter the website. Wow, this Google idea is brilliant. In my opinion, this new Google Serp Menu makes Google closer to our blog.

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