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When Google ads appear on your favorite blog is first experience of being accepted by Google Adsense. This first experience I got not from services about Google Adsense but because of the results of trial and error. And hopefully my blog can still survive as a publisher and not get banned by Google.

This post is not intended to show off but as a thank you to Google Adsense for accepting me. Of course the predicate newbie is still inherent in the blog and myself. Newbie is also a business, right? So for those of you who want to get a Google Adsense account and quickly get approved a million tricks, I want to share my first little experience about Google Adsense.

1. Honest and What It Is

Google Adsense has a very genius crawler spider. Any errors and slight violations will be dealt with immediately and sometimes without notice. Honestly, here I emphasize Original content which is considered trivial by Indonesian bloggers. But Original content is an absolute must to be accepted by Google Adsense.

Every material we take from other people’s websites, we must include the source, both images and articles. Of course content that is not original has a low level of quality in the eyes of Google, right? My tips include an active link for each source article we take. Of course this is also a mysterious On Page SEO.

2. Know and understand the Google Adsense Policy

Many policies requested by Google Adsense, see Google Adsense policy. In addition, the quality of the website is also taken into account, see the quality of the quality of our blog according to Google. Tips from me follow every notification that comes in the email. Click all notifications like follow Google Adsense Academy. We often ignore notifications via email from GA. Click on some help and surveys from Google, after all it’s for our good. That way our adsense account will received quickly.

3. Consistent

Some bloggers often change templates for reasons of boredom. Of course it makes the Google Adsense spiders who were originally willing to accept even refuse because the blog looks newly created. This is really a loss for us. The Google Adsense party also looks at the cache, cookies, or Google Activity whether the blog changes appearance or not. My tips do not change the appearance when registering for Google Adsense.

4. Tenacious

If our Google Adsense account is rejected, register and re-fix our blog. Such as removing pirated content, changing links to open new tabs, etc. I’m sure your friend’s account will be accepted quickly. If the next door neighbor posted 4x new signup accepted, I’m not sure. I applied to Google Adsense several times and even dozens of times before being accepted.

5. Seriousness

The seriousness of following the Google Adsense program is seen from the articles that we make. The higher the quality of our articles, the faster they will be accepted. Using a .com Top Level Domain, for example, is proof of the seriousness of registration. Besides that, my advice is to post a special one. Like my blog only discusses about chicken or SEO Blogger course. You don’t have to review articles too much like a gado-gado blog. Expand the articles that we aim at but have a clear page structure.

6. Fix Layout

A messy blog layout that is difficult to navigate also hinders adsense registration. Fix the layout, use a light background template and leave free space for adsense ads later. Like the sidebar, to the right of the header or other sections.

7. Be careful using Google’s name

As explained on the branding page that using google images and modified is prohibited. Moreover, the use of google images that are changed in color is also a violation and will be dealt with. Upload the original image and if you take advantage of the Google brand, try to keep it original and stay in the proper portion.

Those are some of my first experiences following the Google Adsense program with my own business. Hopefully in the future it will be more enthusiastic and make more visitor friendly. That way friends will be helped by my blog. Here’s my blog that has shown ads from Google Adsense from the results of my own efforts. And hopefully my blog will continue to improve the quality of its articles and Google Adsense ads will still appear on my blog.

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