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What are the advantages Creating Labels with HTML? For the sake of making valid HTML templates, as well as discussing SEO Friendly, it turns out that the labels on our blog contain problems of course with SEO and Validity. So, to address this, let’s optimize our blog by creating labels with HTML

Well, let’s discuss one by one.

1. SEO

For bloggers, the relationship between SEO and labels is far away. I read on the skipper’s blog, that putting a label link in a post for SEO issues is a futile job. Well this is quite reasonable, see the URL label below:

in the SEO label link above will not be related to each other, because the label uses search to display URLs. If we put a label url, it will be useless. It means that even if we put dozens of label links into posts, until the end of the world there will be no connection. Isn’t that right?

2. Valid

It turned out that after I checked in the V3 validator, the problem caused for the label was an error for & and others. Take a look at Hendro Prayitno’s blog, deconstruction code, chilarsip, etc. Most HTML5 valid blogs don’t put labels in the sidebar. In other words HTML5 valid blogs use a 1 Column Template.

Now, let’s replace the default blogger label with HTML. The method is quite easy, namely changing the navigation in the Edit HTML section to Widgets in the sidebar.

The method is quite easy, please copy and paste the code below into your blog’s Widget or Add Element.


If you feel it has been running successfully, delete the default blogspot label.

Not all templates support this method, please adjust it with the menu in the HTML edit section of each friend. The results of the label with the HTML above are still simple and the effect depends on the default template for all bloggers.

Well hopefully with create labels with HTML can reduce errors on your blog. Have a good fight!

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