This post is about seo contest cheap electric pulses in semarang that I follow. After various tutorials and how to optimize SEO on blogger, I can only argue. It’s not easy for me to be in the world of SEO. Especially when it comes to popular blogs or websites. I’m just grateful that this SEO contest can add to my knowledge in optimization, especially on Blogger.

After approaching the deadline, I’m still in the 30s (from personal browsers) oh well, the important thing is that I get experience. I made this post not just to heat up a contest or anything, but just to share. Congratulations to the participants who have tried in such a way that mbah google loves your articles. Even if something is wrong.

I saw this fraud with the results of riding one of the popular sites which did not last long. This adds to my knowledge a little. Finally, I hope this short post will remind you or if you are lucky, it will add knowledge and reference for all participants. No more blogs that enter the google sandbox because of over optimization. Hello bloggers


Ahmad Maryuki

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