Setting the robots meta tag and secure X-Robots-Tag HTTP header according to search engine policies is a basic step in seo optimization on page blogspot. With these settings the blog will affect the level of search engine reading of our blog. Like how search engines work when crawling or searching for blog urls, this type […]

One of the efforts to make blogs more SEO Friendly is by setting search preferences in blogger settings. Robots.txt used to set the crawl engine, namely googlebot to crawl all pages on the site. This setting is done in such a way as to choose which pages are allowed to be accessed and displayed by […]

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Relation to search engines (Google) blogs or websites that have been registered are like books in a library. Every blog has pages like the pages in every book. While the search engine is a manager of information from these book lists with the aim of searching for the name of the book, the title of […]

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Last Update 27 September 2018 about how the latest Google search engine works Not long ago, Google published the 20th anniversary of the founding of this giant company Google doodle. Of course, with the age of two heads, there are lots of blogs and websites that have been registered with Google. The number reaches hundreds […]

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