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Best Safelink Blogger Templates – this time I will share / tell all friends some of the best safelink templates for blogger / blogspot, suitable for friends who want to create their own safelink blog using blogger.

The safelink blog is also very suitable for download blog owners or blog owners whose external links can certainly be a solution to increase income by placing ads on the safelink blog.

Jump to the topic, here are some of the best safelink templates which of course already have full features and are responsive and there is a free version too.

Free Safelink Blogger Template

1. Codeine Safelink

free safelink blogspot template

In the first place there is a safelink template made by Mas Irfan, the owner of the Kodeinblogger blog.

I place this safelink template in the first place because the installation method is very simple. Just install the template and the content of the post is complete. No need to bother setting external javascript and so on.

In addition, the features of this template are also quite complete and have used 2x clicks for generated links. Anyway, this template is suitable for those who don’t want to be complicated and like things that are simple and free…

For those who are interested can see the demo first

2. Kompi Safelink Converter Responsive Blogger Template With Bootstrap

free safelink blogger template
Home Page

free safelink blogspot theme
Encrypt Page

The next safelink blogger template is made by one of the master bloggers, namely Mas Adhy Suryadi, owner of the Magic Company blog.

This template is free although there is a paid/premium version. The features of this template can be said to be very complete. Made with a bootstrap framework that is certainly responsive on all screen media. In addition, the design of this template can be said to be great for a free template size.

Immediately, those who want to see or download can go through the following link

For how to set the template, you can go directly to the original post
Company Safelink Documentation

3. Here’s the Safelink Blogger Template

nihlink safelink blogger template
Home Page

nihlink safelink blogger template
Encrypt Page

The NihLink Safelink Blogger template in my opinion is quite simple and good to use too. In addition, this template is still relatively new so there are minimal errors.

This template is made by AnasRAR.

What I admire about this template is the many features and advantages for the size of a free template.

One of the features is that we can give a password to our encryption link and we can also set whether to use countdown or not.

The features of this template include:

  • Free
  • Editable
  • Unlock with password feature
  • Sticky Ads
  • Countdown Timer
  • Random Posts
  • Using the Latest Bootstrap Framework
  • URL Encryption with CryptoJS (Not Base64)
  • Etc

Oh yeah, for how to use or install it, you can visit the official documentation via the following link

4. CaSafelink Free Blogger Template

CaSafelink Free Blogger Template
Home Page CaSafelink
casafelink free blogger template safelink
Encrypt Page CaSafelink

Next is the template made by Mas AntonCabon, namely: Free Premium CaSafelink Blogger Template

This template also has quite complete features, plus this template was built with bootstrap version 4. This template is a free version which means there is a premium version which we will also attach below.

Although the free version, this template is still updated by the maker. CaSafelink Free itself is now up to version 2.1

For those who want to download directly, I’ll pick it up via the following button

Maybe that’s the free version of the safelink blogger template that we’ve found so far, if there’s anything else you can add via comments, guys..

Furthermore, for those who have more money, it would be better to buy the premium version. The advantages of the premium version include no credit links, longtime, and full support which means there is a long-term guarantee for the safelink that you will create, besides that we will also be guided on how to install, how to set it up and become a safelink blogger

I immediately peeked at the collection of premium safelink blogger templates

Safelink Blogger Premium Template

1. My Blogger Safelink

free premium safelink templates
Home Page Safelink My Blogger

my blogger safelink is free
Encrypt my Blogger Safelink Page

In the first place there is Safelink Bloggerku made by mas, who is the owner of

This safelink template has quite a lot of features, one of which can also lock encryption with a password and also visit links that can move around for adsense optimization.

The design of this template is also very modern and materialist. Apart from that, the speed is amazing…

Pagespeed Insight and GTMetrix 100/100 doesn’t feel right…

Even though this is a premium template, we can try the trial version for 3 days, you know… just grab it, those who want to try the trial version can click the button below

For the purchase of the template, we will direct it to the maker directly, friend.

2. Casafelink Premium

casafelink premium blogger template
Home Page Casafelink Premium

the best premium safelink templates
Encrypt Page Casafelink Premium

The next premium template is from Mas AntonCabon whose free template I have shared above.

This premium template has quite complete features and its speed can also be pitted. This template is also updated frequently. The latest version is currently V.4.2.


  • Fixed on Copy To Clipboard
  • Built With Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • Very Fast Loading
  • Auto refresh content on loading (download page)
  • No encrypt script, Fixed error on mobile version, Remove footer credit !
  • Recent Posts
  • 404 Error Page
  • Countdown With Progress Bar
  • Support AdSense Slots
  • Safety for AdSense Account
  • AdBlock Killer
  • Many More…

3. IDB Premium Safelink

idb template safelink blogger
idb safelink premium blogger template

4. Blanter Premium Safelink Blogger Template

blanter premium safelink blogger template
blatter safelink blogger premium template

Maybe that’s the template that I can share and inform here, if you know more, you can share it in the comments column. Oh yeah, if there are problems in the download process (broken links, etc.) you can report them right away, guys

It is strictly forbidden to delete the credit link of the safelink template maker (free version) shared above. Appreciate the maker. For the premium version, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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