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Best wordpress plugin for website are plugins that can optimize wordpress blog you are good in terms of speed, SEO, and security.

WordPress plugins are additional tools for WordPress based websites. There are many plugins that are scattered, both free versions and PRO versions, but whether these plugins can be optimal or not is not certain.

What can determine whether a plugin is good or not is by looking at the reviews of people who have used it, whether their reviews are happy or not.

As a reference this time I share the 7 best wordpress plugins for wordpress websites.



Wordfence is best wordpress security plugins which became my choice, the reason is for website security. So from this I position it first and foremost, because it will be useless SEO of your wordpress website is good, the appearance is also okay, but your website is easy to hack, it will be useless and in vain, if your hard work has been hacked it will be destroyed and start over from ZERO.
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Wp Fastest Cache is a performance and speed plugin for wordpress websites. The main function of this plugin is for web caching so that the website can be optimized and fast for users. Another recommended caching plugin is Comet Cache, Wp Super Cache.
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Seo by yoast is a seo plugin for wordpress websites. After you have good security and site speed, it’s time to optimize the website from the SEO side.

SEO BY YOAST was founded by world SEO expert Joost De Valk. He has more than 10 years of experience in SEO. This SEO plugin offers many great onpage seo features, which include:

Readable analysis : Analyze the words and sentences in the articles that are made whether they are easy to read or difficult atau

Indexable onpage.org : Links the index status of the website and provides warnings about SEO issues

Keyword density checking (in post editor)

Sub-heading Warning (post editor): The one who tells if the article that is made does not have Sub Heading H2

Internal Linking Warning : In the Post Editor, this plugin tells you that the articles you create must be linked on the page in order to have a high ranking position in search engines

ALT tags warning : Gives a warning if the article you create contains images that do not contain the ALT tag

SEO Title Warning : Tells if the title of the article is made, is it too long or too short?

Words warning : Give a warning if the article is made less than 300 words

Meta Description Warning : Give a warning if the sentence in the meta description is too long

Keywords in URL : This plugin notifies if the permalink URL does not contain the focus keyword

Yoast SEO Dashboard : Website name + Website owner info | Verification Webmaster tools | Security

Meta titles & Tags : Meta tags description Homepage | Taxonomy


Advanced Features

File Tools

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4. WP SPAMSHIELDS (now deprecated)

Wp SpamShields is a popular and most powerful Anti Spam plugin to prevent SPAM comments in the comment column including the jetpack form comment, Prevent Spam on Contact Forms, Prevent automatic comments such as from ScrapeBox Software .. and others.

Compared to Askimet, I think this plugin is really effective in getting rid of Spammers but it is an option, please try it first if it doesn’t work, you can delete it
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Regenerates Thumbnails is a Resizes Images plugin which means it adjusts to the same size after you change the images on your website including thumbnails. The benefit of this plugin is that if you like WordPress templates, the size of the images will change and this plugin resizes picture so neat
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Wp Optimize is a WordPress Plugin that functions to optimize the Table Database, Delete Comment spam, delete comments that are not approved, delete Post Revision, delete Auto Draft. The function of this plugin is for the performance of the wordpress website to be clean of unnecessary garbage.
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The Jetpack Plugin is a Multi-Function Plugin because the functions of this Plugin are many, including:

Security Protect : Prevents malicious attempts, malware and the like

Site Statistics : Track and monitor how many visitors, page views, and queries users use to find your site

Photon : To Optimize Image



Jetpack Contact Form

Visible Widgets

Share Publication

And other features of this plugin for more details please download.


All of the above wordpress plugins are based on my experience and what I feel so far this plugin has no problems with other scripts.. If the plugin above doesn’t suit your blog, it might be another factor..Thanks for visiting…Please share to others if useful.

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