Without a navigation menu, the appearance of the blog will be incomplete because navigation is also one of the supporters of ono page seo. For that, on this occasion the admin will share how to install a responsive dropdown navigation menu. I took this menu from rbz one template which I previously took from the […]

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This time I will discuss how to create a related post or often called a related article on a blog, which will be placed under the post. The related post that we will make on this occasion is a related post list with thumbnails. To look more or less like the following picture. Related posts […]

This time I will discuss a tutorial on how to make a flat face avatar. This flat avatar is already very popular with most people. Because flat design itself is now popular and has been applied to various media/designs, one of which is for avatars. The method that I will share is a fairly easy […]

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In this blessed month I will share a free blogspot template I made which I named RBZ one. This template is my first template, so forgive me if there are still errors. With a few tutorials from the blogs of the masters, I was finally able to finish making this template. Want to create your […]

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