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On this occasion, I will share a blogspot template that is suitable and specifically for song lyrics or music blogs. This template was created by one of the famous bloggers, namely Mas Adhy Suryadi who is already famous for his blog, the Magic Company. There is no doubt that the template made by Kang Adhy […]

There are various types of fonts, including on websites and blogs. A good type of font will also affect the beauty of a blog/web look. Likewise with fonts that are complicated and difficult to read, the blog/web will not be pleasing to the eye. Maybe we are often curious or interested in a font from […]

This time I will share a blogspot template whose style is similar to Mas Darmawan’s phenomenal blog, the Guideline blog. Some people may already be familiar with im’s guide blog. Blogs that provide quality content with niche internet marketing guides for beginners. The guide blog is indeed a fairly successful blog, because it can be […]

Blockquote is a tag that is commonly used to quote important sentences or words on blogs. In addition, many bloggers use it to display a certain code. In this article, I will share how to make a blockquote whose style is similar to Ms. Arlina’s blog design. I made this article because a few moments […]

How to Create a Responsive Contact Form On Blog Static Pages-A contact form or often called a contact form is something that is important for a website or blog. Because with the contact form, visitors can interact or communicate privately with the blog admin. Without a contact form, the blog will feel lacking and will […]

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