11 Best AMP HTML Blogger Templates

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or often called AMP HTML is one of the projects developed by Google.

AMP HTML has a structure that minimizes the use of JavaScript, CSS, HTML. So there are certain rules in writing tags or lines of code on AMP HTML websites.

The purpose of AMP HTML is to increase the speed of access to a website, especially website access from smartphone devices.

So for friends whose site visitors may be mostly from smartphones, using AMP HTML is an alternative to improve the user experience on your site. Even Google can arguably prioritize websites with AMP on mobile search, which means that it can improve SEO on mobile devices.

Can blogspot use AMP HTML?

There may be many questions like the ones above. The answer is yes.

Around 2015, one of the temperatures in the blogger world, namely kang ismet, tried to tamper with blogspot in such a way and make it a valid AMP.

By changing the structure of the blogger template and editing the tags on the post according to the AMP HTML provisions, he finally succeeded in making a valid AMP blogspot.

Over time, many have started to make valid AMP blogger templates, both free and paid ones. Well, in this post I will share a collection of free AMP valid blogger templates which certainly have cool features and looks.

AMP HTML Blogger Template

free html & blogger templates

In the first order there is an AMP blogspot template made by Kang Ismet. As I mentioned above, Kang Ismet is arguably the first Indonesian to try to create a valid AMP blogger template (as far as I know).

This template is distributed for free on his blog and is currently widely used as a reference for making valid amp blogger templates.

Design Company

free amp blogspot theme

Furthermore, there is an AMP template made by one of the temperatures, namely Mas Adhy Suryadi. This template was also made with the help of kang ismet.

Because this is the first AMP template made by a magic company, the features and appearance look normal. But for those who want to try it can download via the link below.

Infinity AMP Blogger Template

best html blog templates

Infinite AMP is the first AMP blogger site made by Arlina Design. Maybe many already know that the template made by Arlina Design is famous for having a minimalist and cool look.

This template is distributed for free too and you can download it via the button below.


collection of blogger templates amp

Furthermore, there is an AMP template made by Mas Basri Matindas as the owner of the Goomsite blog which is specifically selling blogger templates.

Goomsite-made templates always have a cool look and features in my opinion.

GOOAMP is an AMP blog template with a materialist pink nuance.

Its features are like AMP templates in general, while the appearance looks simple and user-friendly, suitable for personal blogs.


download blogger templates for free

AMPNEWS is also a template created by goomsite.

This 3-column template is suitable for news or news blogs, as the name suggests


amp blogger template free

GOOPLUS has a clean look. This template is made by goomsite too.

Features and appearance are still similar to AMP NEWS.


blogger's latest html amp template

Again, it is still made by goomsite BLOGAMP, which is a 3 column template that looks similar to the previous templates, namely GOOPLUS and AMPNEWS.

Vletters AMP

theme amp blogspot dark mode

Vletters AMP is a development of the AMP template made by ismet and the magic company.

This template has a dark color appearance, suitable for those of you who like the dark

The appearance of this template in my opinion is very cool. This template is customized and published by bung frangki (themeindie).


valid amp html blog template

This template made by Duniablanter has loading and is quite fast. The display is also quite good and is like a personal blog template in general which is definitely user friendly


best blogger html amp

This AMP template with a modern and clean look is called SEOAMP.
SEOAMP is a template made by GOOMSITE as well.


latest html blogspot amp

Still made by GOOMSITE too, this PIROAMP has quite complete features and a very cool look in my opinion for the size of a free template.

Maybe that’s all about 11 best free AMP blogger templates if there are additional can be filled in the comments column.

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